How to Stretch Frame a Canvas

Updated: Oct 20

If you purchase a Painting by Numbers without a frame you can also purchase our Stretcher Bars and frame it yourself! Here's how:

What You'll Need

Hammer Scissors A No-Frame Paint by Numbers (unpainted) 40cm x 50cm Stretcher Bars and thumbtacks, buy here

* We recommend that you iron the unnumbered side of the canvas before you begin. Use a medium heat and spray setting on the iron. We have also found that a light spray of water on the back of the canvas helps with stretching.

Assembling the Frame

Join the bars at each end making sure the 40cm ends are attached to the 50cm ends.

Use a hammer or mallet to secure into place.

Use the right angle or set square to make sure the inside of each corner is at right angles

Lining up the Printed Canvas

Hold the frame upright and line up the borders of the Painting by Numbers (picture facing out).

Make sure when pulling the canvas you are pulling it over the ridged side.

The canvas is meant to be stretched across the flat sides of the stretcher bars.

Check to make sure that the border of the print matches up with the border of the wooden frames.

Using Thumbtacks

After lining up the canvas with the printed design, thumbtack one of the sides.

Pull the excess canvas on the opposite side and secure it with another thumbtack. Some force is required to ensure the canvas is tight.

Repeat on the other two sides. Flip the canvas around then check the print is still inline with the frame. This may take some trial and error.

One side at a time, pull the canvas next to the middle thumbtack and secure with another thumbtack. Repeat until all sides have 5 thumbtacks evenly spread across each wooden stretcher bar. Then hammer in any protruding thumbtacks.

Folding the Corners

Finally, fold in each corner and secure in place with thumbtacks. Follow along with the guided pictures below.

If the canvas is very long you can trim it back with scissors.

Finally, hammer thumbtacks into each corner.

Ta da!!

Wanting to buy an already assembled Paint by Numbers? No worries, find them here.

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