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About Us

Go With the Flow Art

We both want to share the well-known benefits of artistic creativity. This is how “Go With the Flow Art” was born. Rachel’s artistic talent and discovery of Painting by Numbers and Acrylic Pour Art combined with Becky’s experience and insight turned the dream into a reality. 

Go With the Flow Art - OurVision
Anni Albers wrote “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”. We want to make that same happiness accessible to everyone.

Go With the Flow Art - Our Mission

“To bring the benefits of artistic creativity into every household by providing a product anyone can do".

Our Stories

During school I was always interested in art and experimenting with different mediums. It wasn’t until I attended art classes for a few weeks that I became excited about creating pieces to put on my wall. Later down the track in my most stressful year of VCE Year 12 I decided to look online for stress relief and found Painting by Numbers. It was perfect for me because I could both reduce my stress levels and do something I loved. After completing two, I bought Mum one for her birthday that year and she loved it despite having no painting experience. We explored different art styles together and decided that we wanted to start a business with the hope of spreading this idea to other people in similar situations. Currently, I’m in a gap year before I start University. I spend most of my time alongside Mum to try to bring the benefits of Painting by Numbers to you.

In 2018 I became unwell and ended up having to leave my full time job. I was bedridden for weeks and progress was painfully slow. During this time Rachel gave me a Painting by Numbers for my birthday. I had never seen anything like it. Childhood memories of basic ‘paint by numbers’ came to mind. However, this one was very detailed and different. I had never explored my artistic self and hadn’t held a paint brush since I was a child. It didn’t matter. I had an activity that was fun, relaxing and helped me to get out of bed and start moving again. My painting skills improved along the way and the end result is a beautiful painting hanging on my bedroom wall.

Becky Portrait.png
Rachel Portrait.png



History of Painting by Numbers

The paint-by-number technique originated in 1923. However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s  that the first ones were created by Craft Master. Millions of kits were sold over the next decade and other companies quickly joined in with their own versions. Craft Master were well known for their quote “a beautiful oil painting the first time you try”.  Contemporary Painting by Numbers use acrylic paints, which are water based, instead of oil paints.

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