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Paint By Numbers For Kids

4 Skills Your Children Can Develop with Paint by Numbers for Kids

Paint by numbers for kids isn't just about having fun. It can also be a great way for children to develop skills.
Many art by number kits can be used by even young children to start developing their tactile and motor skills early on. Many of our designs are for adults, however some are suitable for children. We have rated each design out of 5 in complexity to help you or your child to easily pick a
 design right for you both! Here are a few things that your children can develop while painting paint by numbers.


1. Motor Skills

Motor skills are important not just physically but also mentally. As a child develops motor skills, they're also exercising the areas of their brain that control their body. That's why sports and art are both important for brain development! These kits can help children develop fine motor skills as they practice precision without having to paint something from scratch.


2. Colour Skills

Colour skills are important for growing children and it can also be an important way to determine if a child might be colour blind. Colour skills don't always come naturally and being able to distinguish between colours takes some practice. Paint by numbers can help!


3. Following Directions

A paint by numbers kit has very simple directions. They have to be followed at least loosely for the painting to look like the original design. Use paint by numbers to show children not only how they need to follow directions but how they need to understand the directions before "breaking the rules." For instance, changing the colour of the eye on a cat may be creative and turn out well. However, changing a random colour may not look good.


4. Completing Projects

Children often struggle with getting distracted and finishing projects. A paint by numbers kit is ideal because of the easy directions. It's also possible for your child to take a break whenever needed. You will find your child's attention span will increase the more they paint. This will encourage them to build the skills they need to finish more important projects later on.

You can select art by numbers kits to encourage your children to try them out. At our store, Go with the Flow Art, we have a wide variety of paint by numbers for kids and adults. Simply pick the complexity level for your child!

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