Painting by Numbers has a printed number design (as shown in the displayed canvas photo above) for you to paint with the supplies provided (see contents below). 
Each item is quality controlled before being hand packaged by us and sent to you. Through our own experiences with Painting by Numbers we have created an “Instructions and Tips” sheet to help get you started. Finally and most importantly, our friendly customer service is and always will be personal and genuine should you have any questions.



No frame: Pre-printed 40cm x 50cm quality linen canvas with no frame. You may purchase stretcher bars separately for a DIY assembly.


Hand-assembled Stretched Frame: Pre-printed 40cm x 50cm quality linen canvas with wooden frame hand-assembled by Becky and Rachel.
*Please note some printed borders will not line up with the edge of the frame due to hand-assembly. Simply paint with the nearest adjacent number to fill in this gap. Alternatively, you may wish to paint in your own border or if you prefer, purchase a factory-assembled stretched frame.


Factory-assembled Stretched Frame: Pre-printed 40cm x 50cm quality linen canvas with wooden frame which has been factory-assembled with technological precision.




  • Pre-printed 40cm x 50cm quality linen canvas with or without a wooden frame.

  • Non-toxic acrylic paints pre-mixed in number coordinated pots specific to your Painting by Numbers.

  • Set of paint brushes including a large, medium and fine brush.

  • Template for you to use as a guide.

  • Detailed "Instructions and Tips" written by us which we highly recommend you read before you begin.

  • Coloured picture of your Painting by Numbers to show you what your finished painting will look like. *Please note that due to colour variability between computers, pictures both online and printed may not appear exactly like your finished product.



Boats in Bay at Sunset - 4.5/5 Complexity

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Marie Tenrey

Lovely business

I bought a few pbn for my grandchildren. They all love them
Great customer service. Very warm and helpful


Mary Caldon

Fast delivery and great product! I bought the Two Girls on a Beach one

They delivered on the same day because I was close! What great service. Well done


ken Hilger

Good quality

Great price for everything that comes in the kit


Nahle K.

Beautiful! Van Gogh Sunflowers

Painting came with frame that Becky and Rachael hand-assembled for me. I'm halfway through my painting and feel like an artist


Allie Hoggs

Savannah no frame paint by numbers

Bough from when Rachel and Becky were at the markets. It is still hanging up on my wall!


Eliza harriet

Waves Paint by Numbers

Great product for the price. It was very relaxing and is now hanging up in my kitchen


Susan H.

Lovely! I bought the fantasy unicorns for my daughter

The unicorn painting was easy for my daughter to do and she absolutely loved it. We're very excited to get her another one

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