2 x 40cm stretcher bars

2 x 50cm stretcher bars

50 Thumbtacks


When you purchase stretcher bars with a No-Frame Painting by Numbers we can stretch the canvas for you. This will create a framed picture for you to paint on at no extra cost.

Simply answer the question above the 'Add to Cart' button if you would like us to do this for you :) If you have bought more than one No-Frame design please specify what one you would like to be hand-assembled

DIY frame for our 40cm by 50cm Painting by Number kits.
Requires assembly with hammer/mallet and a right angle to ensure assembly is completed correctly.


Assembly instructions:

1/ Make sure the flat sides of the stretcher bars are all facing the same way.

2/ Join the bars at each end making sure the 40cm ends are attached to the 50cm ends.

3/ Use a hammer or mallet to secure into place.

4/ Use the right angle or set square to make sure the inside of each corner is at right angles. You may need to use the hammer or mallet to make adjustments.

Stretcher Bars 40cm x 50cm

    • When assembling the ‘Do it Yourself’ Stretcher Bar Frames, thumb tacks and personal tools are required. Assembling the Stretcher Bar Frame may cause an inadvertent injury. We do not provide personal injuries insurance for any injury caused during assembly of the ‘Do it Yourself” Stretcher Bar frames. It is understood by you that by agreeing to the purchase of the ‘Do it Yourself’ Stretcher Bar frame  you are agreeing not to sue us for personal injury should one occur.
    • By agreeing to our Terms of Service you are agreeing to our Release of Liability
  • 1/The canvas should be unpainted before attaching to the frame. We recommend you iron the unnumbered side of the canvas before you begin. Use a medium heat and spray setting on the iron. We have also found that a light spray of water on the back of the canvas helps with stretching.

    2/ Lining up the canvas with the frame and securing it in place is easier with two people. Hold the frame upright and line up the borders of the Painting by Numbers (picture facing out) with the edges of the FLAT side of the frame (The canvas is stretched across the flat sides of the stretcher bars).

    3/ Start with the 50cm stretcher bar. One of you holds the canvas across the length of the 50cm stretcher bar holding it in place at both corners. The other one pulls the excess canvas to the back of the frame and uses a thumb tack halfway along the stretcher bar to secure it in place.

    4/ Turn the frame upside down and align the second long edge of the canvas across the length of the 50cm stretcher bar. Pull as tightly as you can and once again secure the canvas on the reverse side with a thumb tack halfway along the stretcher bar.

    5/ Lie the canvas down and check that the sides are stretched enough and that the borders of the Painting by Numbers are as close to the frame edges as possible.

    6/ Flip the canvas to the back of the frame. One of you pulls the 40cm canvas length to the back of the 40cm stretcher bar and holds firmly. The other one pushes in a thumb tack halfway along the stretcher bar to secure it in place.

    7/ Repeat for the final 40cm stretcher bar. You should have 4 thumb tacks in place – each one halfway along each stretcher bar.

    8/ Look at the Painting by Numbers side. Check that the borders of the design line up as closely as possible to the edges of the frame on all 4 sides. You may need to remove a thumb tack and pull the canvas more. We have found that it is not always possible to have the borders aligned exactly to the frame. You can paint these areas with the nearest adjacent number/colour, or paint in a border.

    9/ Finish securing the canvas along the back of each stretcher bar using thumb tacks across each length. One of you pulls the canvas and the other one attaches the thumb tacks. The canvas should be tightly stretched across the frame.

    10/ Finally fold in each corner and secure in place with thumb tacks. If the canvas is too long you can trim it back with scissors.

    Finally, hammer in place any protruding thumb tacks.

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Marie Tenrey

Lovely business

I bought a few pbn for my grandchildren. They all love them
Great customer service. Very warm and helpful


Mary Caldon

Fast delivery and great product! I bought the Two Girls on a Beach one

They delivered on the same day because I was close! What great service. Well done


ken Hilger

Good quality

Great price for everything that comes in the kit


Nahle K.

Beautiful! Van Gogh Sunflowers

Painting came with frame that Becky and Rachael hand-assembled for me. I'm halfway through my painting and feel like an artist


Allie Hoggs

Savannah no frame paint by numbers

Bough from when Rachel and Becky were at the markets. It is still hanging up on my wall!


Eliza harriet

Waves Paint by Numbers

Great product for the price. It was very relaxing and is now hanging up in my kitchen


Susan H.

Lovely! I bought the fantasy unicorns for my daughter

The unicorn painting was easy for my daughter to do and she absolutely loved it. We're very excited to get her another one

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