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How to Choose the Right Paint by Numbers for you!

You may be a beginner, novice or experienced artist or buying a paint by numbers as a gift for someone else. How do you pick the right one?

The Most Important Thing

Don't stress too much over whether or not the complexity is too high or too low for yourself or the receiver. The most important thing is that the painter enjoys the picture!

We have many categories to choose from, here they are below along with some examples:

Abstract Domestic Animals Flowers and Still Life

Famous Sights and Sites - Towns and Cities

Pop Culture - Fantasy and Movies

People - Kids, Dance, Music, Romance, Spiritual Scenery - Beaches, Landscapes and Outer Space

Transport Wild Animals

Here are some examples below:

Complexity Ratings

We have individually gone through each paint by numbers design and rated their complexity to make things easier for you! 1 - less detailed

5 - very detailed

A paint by numbers with a rating of 1/5 or 2/5 is perfect for a child or beginner painter! Anything higher may be a challenge and require more patience. 4/5 and 5/5 ratings are for the patient! Painting a paint by numbers with higher detail is definitely possible and may take longer than a lower complexity but because of their higher amounts of detail, the picture will ultimately look more fantastic! Take on the challenge!

All of our paint by numbers are 40cm x 50cm.This video above is a 4.5/5 rating and took 12 hours to finish. So beautiful! So relaxing!

Photos on our Page

If you're still unsure of what complexity to get we have gone one step further. When you click on a picture you like on our page you can scroll through the product slider to see a photo of the canvas!

Find Our Products

Have a look at the hundreds of different paint by number designs on our website!


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