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The Many Benefits of Painting with our Paint by Numbers!

Why actually get a Painting by Numbers? There are many benefits! Including mental, physical and social! Find out more below!

1. Improves Mental Wellbeing

Painting by Numbers are recommended by Art Therapists for several reasons. They help by:

Reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Increasing focus and concentration.

Giving purpose in times of convalescence, grief, depression or boredom by providing a non-stressful creative outlet.

Providing distraction from repetitive or dysfunctional thought patterns and encouraging progress when people are feeling ‘stuck’ or stressed.

Promoting self-confidence and giving a sense of achievement. Look at all these happy faces!

2. Builds Skills

We see Painting by Numbers as a gateway into the world of painting by:

Providing a non-stressful way to learn the fine motor skills of using a paint brush.

Helping with learning about paint colours and textures.

Improving attention span and fine motor skills.

Check out this awesome video of a difficult complexity paint by numbers!

3. Inspirational Gift Idea!

Painting by Numbers can be either:

Completed and given as a personalised and creative gift for a loved one.

Given as an inspiring gift for a friend or family member to complete themselves.

They may also be a fun joint activity to promote bonding. For example, a painting which a parent may help a younger child complete or a romantic setting for a couple to paint together.

Find Our Products

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