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How to Set Up Your Painting Area

Not sure how to set up your painting area? Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you started.

What You'll Need

-Your painting by numbers kit which will include: your design printed on canvas, 3 differently sized paint brushes, paint pots with acrylic paint, a template and our 'Tips and Instructions'. -Cup of tap water -Rag/paper towel


-Read our 'Instructions and Tips' before setting up!

-Play some relaxing music or a movie/series in the background

-Take photos of your progress to look back on later or share with others

Setting Up a No-Frame vs Framed Paint by Numbers

No Frame

You can simply lay your canvas down on a desk/table to paint on! Otherwise, to protect yourself from any neck strain you can:

Blue-tack your canvas to a wall/door: standing up while painting will reduce neck/back strain if you wish to paint for more than a couple of hours at once. This is also less likely to take up needed space :) *Fun fact, Rachel painted her first ever Paint by Numbers on this exact door.

Pin your canvas to a corkboard: this helps with stability and means you can move your painting around more easily.

Stretched Frame

A stretched frame Paint by Numbers makes it a lot easier to paint on as you can hold it in your lap and move it around easily to paint! You can buy a No Frame and Stretcher Bars to stretch frame your painting yourself (here's how), or you we'll stretch frame it for you!

Try sitting out in the sun and painting!



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